The Energy & Rural Business Show is a business event for the agricultural and rural communities of the UK, providing in depth information and guidance on renewable energy generation and use, environmental best practice and other

diversification ventures.


The Energy & Rural Business Show consists of 3 expos in one - The Energy Now Expo, Low Emission Vehicles Expo and

Rural Business Expo. For further information about each expo see below or click on the buttons above.

Why Visit?

The Energy Now Expo provides visitors with the knowledge they need to diversify into renewable energy and maximise the returns from the resources at their disposal, such as land, waterways, wood, crops or waste streams.

Ten reasons to visit the show:

  • Find out how renewable energy can help you increase your income, reduce your bills and lessen your environmental impact.

  • Understand how renewable energy can help future-proof your business

  • Identify the most suitable renewable energy schemes

  • Maximise the returns from an existing scheme

  • Become more energy efficient

  • Meet the suppliers and explore the steps involved

  • See the latest technologies

  • Hear from key industry figures on the latest developments and the future of the renewable energy sector

  • Review the costs & steps involved, as well as the likely returns of a renewable energy scheme

  • The only renewables event entirely dedicated to the agricultural and rural sectors


Are you looking to find out more information on a new or existing renewable energy scheme? Join the debate and put forward your questions surrounding the sector and share your experiences with like-minded farmers and landowners.

Energy Sectors

The Energy Now Expo showcases the latest technologies and services from across the renewables sector, including AD & biogas, biomass, energy crops, energy management, heat pumps, hydro, solar and wind.


Low Emission Vehicles Expo

The Low Emission Vehicles Expo showcases the latest low carbon transport and machinery options available, together with the steps being taken to increase the use of these innovative technologies on farms and estates throughout the UK.


In addition to showing the actual vehicles and machinery it examines the associated opportunities, fuel options & costs and the benefits the expansion of this sector will bring, including lowering the carbon footprint of agriculture, precision farming and meeting the transport needs of rural businesses and estates for the years ahead.

  • View some of the latest low-carbon vehicle and machinery solutions available

  • Understand the business case, financial savings and environmental reasoning for owning low-emission vehicles

  • Meet the suppliers and discuss associated costs, range and recharging / refuelling requirements 

  • Learn more about ‘vehicle to grid’ technology and the associated opportunities

  • Evaluate vehicle options through the interactive presentations

  • Hear about government plans for the growth of the low-emission vehicle sector

  • Investigate the opportunities open to generators of renewable energy

  • Help demonstrate your company’s green credentials by investing in low-carbon vehicle solutions


Rural Business Expo

Now in it’s second year, the Rural Business Expo is co-located with the well established Energy Now Expo. It provides ideas and guidance on ways to diversify, maximising the value of resources available to the agricultural and rural communities, increasing incomes and safeguarding these essential businesses for the years ahead.

10 reasons to visit the event:

  • Generate new ideas on ways to maximise the value of your land, buildings or other resources

  • Research the different ways to add income and integrate new enterprises into your existing business

  • Receive free advice from rural diversification experts

  • Take part in the show’s ‘How to’ workshops - where ideas on possible new business ventures will be shared, guidance given on the benefits and challenges of diversifying and how these new ventures can be integrated into existing agricultural and rural businesses

  • Understand the financial and legal ramifications of your diversification choice(s)

  • Network with like-minded business owners to better appreciate the benefits and challenges of expanding your business in this way

  • Meet and discuss your ideas with the suppliers in the exhibition

  • Discover the most effective ways to power or heat your venture of choice, on or offgrid, in the co-located Energy Now Expo – the largest dedicated energy show for the agricultural and rural communities

  • Identify ways to future proof your business against challenges such as future market changes, weather patterns and Brexit

  • Find out what financial help is available

Rural Business Sectors





OPENING TIMES: 09:00 - 17:00


OPENING TIMES: 09:00 - 16:30


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