Energy and Rural Business Show

6 - 7 February 2019
Telford International Centre, Shropshire


Why Visit?

Low Emission Vehicles Expo

  • View some of the latest low-carbon vehicle and machinery solutions available
  • Understand the business case, financial savings and environmental reasoning for owning low-emission vehicles
  • Meet the suppliers and discuss associated costs, range and recharging / refuelling requirements 
  • Learn more about ‘vehicle to grid’ technology and the associated opportunities
  • Evaluate vehicle options through the interactive presentations
  • Hear about government plans for the growth of the low-emission vehicle sector
  • Investigate the opportunities open to generators of renewable energy
  • Help demonstrate your company’s green credentials by investing in low-carbon vehicle solutions
Low Emission Vehicles
Low Emission Vehicles 2
Low Emission Vehicles 3

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'The strength of your show is attracting land owners interested in investing their own money in some form of energy diversification. They are very likely to be the decision makers and they are almost always very well informed about a whole range of technologies. They are full of market information. They are happy to ask about our products and talk about others that they know. They are also very community minded and will reliably deliver ‘good ideas’ to others. For these reasons they are exactly the visitors we want.'

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