Energy and Rural Business Show

6 - 7 February 2019
Telford International Centre, Shropshire

Forage Aid

Forage Aid

About Forage Aid

Forage Aid is the charity that supports farmers whose livestock has been affected by extreme weather by providing forage and bedding to those in need. 

The Forage Aid initiative sources forage and bedding from donations and pledges from the farming community and distribute it to those whose own supply of feed has been destroyed or made inaccessible due to the weather. The charity delivered emergency supplies of animal feed to livestock producers during the Somerset floods in 2014, however the initiative is no longer about providing help on an ad hoc basis.

"We want to be ready to help in any emergency and our aim is to step in quickly when necessary" says Forage Aid Founder Andrew Ward.

Please visit to learn more. If you would like to sponsor or support Forage Aid please email or call 07967 219991.


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'The strength of your show is attracting land owners interested in investing their own money in some form of energy diversification. They are very likely to be the decision makers and they are almost always very well informed about a whole range of technologies. They are full of market information. They are happy to ask about our products and talk about others that they know. They are also very community minded and will reliably deliver ‘good ideas’ to others. For these reasons they are exactly the visitors we want.'

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