Energy and Rural Business Show

6 - 7 February 2019
Telford International Centre, Shropshire


Renewables Advice Clinic

Renewables Advice Clinic

Energy Now Expo

The renewables advice clinic is all about you; your ideas, your projects, your questions. 

This attraction once again proved to be hugely popular at The Energy Now Expo 2018, with sector specific experts giving impartial one-to-one advice to our visitors. This assisted farmers and landowners in evolving their projects and ideas, and armed them with the knowledge surrounding industry developments. 

The clinic also helped visitors with overcoming barriers faced and helped them to understand if their ideas were feasible.


Interested in taking part? Contact a member of the team on, including brief details of your proposed talk.

Full programme to be announced shortly

Advice clinic
Advice clinic

'The strength of your show is attracting land owners interested in investing their own money in some form of energy diversification. They are very likely to be the decision makers and they are almost always very well informed about a whole range of technologies. They are full of market information. They are happy to ask about our products and talk about others that they know. They are also very community minded and will reliably deliver ‘good ideas’ to others. For these reasons they are exactly the visitors we want.'

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