Energy and Rural Business Show

6 - 7 February 2019
Telford International Centre, Shropshire


Energy Now Conference

Energy Now Conference

Energy Now Expo

The 2 day, multi-streamed conference at the Energy Now Expo will explore the challenges facing the continued growth of the renewables industry and the role the agricultural/rural sectors continue to play.

Presentations will be delivered by industry experts throughout the 2 days, outlining the opportunities available, as well as areas such as current government policy, latest technologies, examples of existing schemes, ways to maximise the returns from existing assets and managing energy usage more effectively. Keynote sessions will be followed by panel sessions on AD & Biogas, Biomass, Heat Pumps, Hydropower, Low-emission vehicles, solar and wind,. The conference will also feature a dedicated finance session and a debate on the continued growth of the Welsh renewables / low-carbon sector. The 2019 programme will be announced soon, however topics to be covered include:

  • Reducing UK emissions – are we on track?
  • A look at the UK’s first subsidy free solar farm
  • What next for hydropower?
  • The business case for on-farm AD
  • Making small-medium scale wind schemes feasible
  • Understanding the applications for renewable heat & power
  • Generating food and fuel – a look at the opportunities associated with the growth of the low-carbon vehicle sector
  • RHI – an update
  • Maintaining your biomass heating system
  • A look at the offgrid power solutions available for your diversification project
  • Biomethane production and its role as a low-carbon transport fuel
  • Is a heat pump a good fit for your home or business?
  • Brexit, UK agricultural policy and environmental plans
  • Integrating digestate into your nutrient and soil management plans


Interested in taking part? Contact a member of the team on, including brief details of your proposed talk.

Full programme to be announced shortly

'The strength of your show is attracting land owners interested in investing their own money in some form of energy diversification. They are very likely to be the decision makers and they are almost always very well informed about a whole range of technologies. They are full of market information. They are happy to ask about our products and talk about others that they know. They are also very community minded and will reliably deliver ‘good ideas’ to others. For these reasons they are exactly the visitors we want.'

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